Friday, September 19, 2008

Dan Seals comes out swinging against Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk has been touting his phoney military service like he is some kind of war time fighter pilot. Right! And then he wants you to think he hasn';t supported President Bush lock-step for the past 7 years ... asserting he is "Mr. Independent."

But Dan Seals, who has a shot at throwing Kirk out of office this November, says, "When our young men and women fight for our country overseas, they need to know that their representatives will fight for them when they return home," Seals said. "Over the past eight years, Mark Kirk has voted 24 times against veterans benefits, while refusing to support a responsible end to the war in Iraq. America's servicemen and women deserve representatives who will honor their bravery and sacrifice by keeping our promise to care for them and their families."

Seals has the backing of a real war time veteran, Tammy Duckworth.

Check out Seals' web site at:

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