Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Mornings with Ray Hanania" Broadcasting from Peoria

I'm in Peoria broadcasting my radios how this morning as I prepare to cover parts of the U.S. Justice Department prosecution -- the second attempt -- of Jeff Mazon, a Country Club Hills former contractor with Halliburton who is accused of taking a bribe. But the big issue is that the government doesn't want anyone to discuss the issues about Halliburton itself, the pattern of corruption that has plagued Halliburton's contracts in Iraq ... or the role of the Bush administration or Halliburton "former" CEO vice president Dick Cheney ...

No one is covering the trial and I think the government is trying to bury this case so Halliburton doesn't become the bigger issue than an alleged corruption case that a jury already tossed last April 2008 during the first trial because of concerns over the evidence.

I'll post updates and we can discuss this and the $700 billion bailout and President Bush's speech this morning on TV, the drop in the stock market that represented more than a trillion dollars in loses.

The online broadcast of the radio show sounds great from Peoria ...

-- Ray Hanania

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