Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally, a good idea

The Village is going to create a cross-bridge for cars connecting Orland Park Place, (with Barnes & Noble), with the Lowes Shopping Center.

That's worth doing. Finally some sense and not surprisingly from a sensible member of the Village Board, Ed Schussler.

The developer will cover the majority of the cost, $500,000 and the village will pay $50,000 from TIF monies. But, what will the developer get elsewhere? Scratch my back I scratch yours is Orland Park's motto.

Some other great ideas we've received so far: How about our own Orland Park transit system that is a little more formal than the trolleys that operate round-the-clock, for a small fee and cover many routes connecting the various retail stores.

You want to stimulate the local economy, make it easy for people to shop without having to get into their car in the weekend when this town is literally a weekend parking lot.

But don't get carried away. No walkway bridges. That is a real waste of moolah.

Okay, one kudo for good behavior.

Ray Hanania

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