Thursday, September 18, 2008

Orland Park on Facebook ...

Orland Park has a "Group" on facebook with 1,259 members ... (Facebook used to be a college networking site but now is one of the most important online networking tools a person can have -- far better than MySpace) ...

And the group description includes this very funny monologue ... "You know you're from Orland Park if ..."

You know you are from Orland Park if....

1. It takes 30 minutes to get from one stop light to the next.
2. Graduated from a high school that was remodeled and looks like something out of a SciFi movie.
3. The only thing you can do is shop or eat food.
4. There is a Starbucks, a bank, or Walgreens on literally every corner.
5. You know Walmart is in Orland Hills, not Orland Park.
6. You know how to use Ravinia Ave.
7. Farms turn into neighborhoods over night.
8. When not in Orland, you refer to it as "the O.P."
9. You can see a water tower from anywhere.
10. You ALWAYS see the homeless guy with a basketball in the Mall
12. You know which Intersections at the mall have a stop sign, and which ones don't
13. You have been exposed to asbestos- that is if you are class of 2005 or before.
14. You have NO idea who 3/4 of your graduating class is 15. You remember when Century was a new school and just built.
16. You know that going out of your way to go around Lagrange is worth it
17. You know that if your looking for a new car 159th is the place to be
18. You know the little german kid.
19. you know what people mean when they say to go to the "dead mall"
20. you bought cigarettes from papu at shop mart when you were 16


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